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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Data & Lead Sales

We have been providing the best quality leads and data to our clients for the last 12 years.  We have done millions in sales, and we have data is literally every niche.  If you are currently buying from another provider, there is a good chance they are buying their leads from us and selling them to you.  Cut out the middle man and work direct with the best company today.


Data Appending

Don't you hate it when you get that "perfect list" for your audience, but its missing certain pieces of data that you need for your kind of marketing and pitching.  Never fear, our company and technology can append all the details you are missing: Name, Email, Phone, Postal, Gender, Birthday, and so much more.  


Email Verification

If you are an active email marketer, you know that your delivery and inbox ratio is based heavily on how clean your list is and that your hard bounces are very very low.  For some reason, email verification is very expensive with the "other guys".  We provide email verification at the same level as the "other guys" for a fraction of the price.  We are happy to discuss our service and process with you in detail.

Lead Gen Campaigns

Do you have a specific need for real time leads to be generated with LeadID and other verification systems?  We are happy to create and setup customized solutions to provide you with the exclusive leads you need for your business, and our pricing is better then the competition.


Specialized Consulting

Our people contribute to many of the top online email and data forums online.  We are often asked to provide consulting to clients who speak to us about our informative posts.  Due to this, we have made our consulting service a regular offering.  Pricing and service are customized to your needs, and we can support everything from small to large scale enterprise needs.  We look forward to adding you to our portfolio of successful clients.


Email, SMS & Calling

We are not only a company that provides leads and services, but we are also a company that provides technology for other direct contact platforms.  We have SMS platforms, Email, and Call Center Contact platforms for reaching out to clients directly.  These technology also show very strong ROI in our campaigns.


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